Chakra Teaspoons™

Chakra Teaspoons™

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Our Chakra Teas and Chakra Teaspoons™ have become a popular item at the A Phoenix Rising Wellness Institute™ since 2019.

Due to the popularity and high demand of our clients, we now have them available for you to enjoy our loose leaf teas in style.

Available in seven beautiful colors & attributes:

Color Attribute 
aura  Calming, soothing, healing, uplifting, joy, optimism.
24 KT aurum Balancing, harmonizing, energizing, willpower, focus.
cuprum Conduct, intensify, enhancing, healing, restorative.
pewter Magical, generosity, influence, insight, protection.
lapis lazuli Awareness, expression, truth, compassion, morality.
amethyst Tranquility, soothing, balancing, righteousness, royal.

Aura(Iridescent):Calming, soothing, healing, uplifting, joy, optimism.
24 KT Aurum (Gold), Cuprum (Copper), Argentum (Silver), Pewter (Black Metal), Amethyst (Indigo) & Lapis Lazuli (Deep Blue).

They make amazing gifts too! Enjoy!

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