#6 3rd EYE from THE SUN.

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100% Organic, BioDynamic Ingredients: Love, Red Rooibos, Raw Cacao Nibs, Blue Malva Flowers, Vanilla Extract & Natural Essences.


This tea makes you want to get under a black light & act like you are flying away!~ Ok. Maybe that’s a bit of an exaggeration, but when you get a taste of what happens when Cacao & Red Rooibos become intertwined in the ethereal realm, well, to say the least, you won’t be wasting any time reading this, now, will you? It’s for the “GOD” in you. iNSiGHT. iNTUiTiON & WiSDOM. 6th Chakra ACTiVATED. CAFFEINE-FREE. 

OM.... Uh-huh. No, we're not trippin'! This is really that kind of tea. When you really need to recontact your self, use this to inspire you to go within and see your self elevated. Don't be afraid of what the future holds for you. Meet each day and do the best you can by all you meet. Be kind to strangers. Open your eyes to the reality of the GREATNESS found in every single human being, especially when they are BEING themselves. Walk into the light and leave your fears behind you. Visualize a NEW DAY and CALL EVERY THING YOU DESIRE of GOOD into existence. Go AHEAD, MAKE YOUR DAY, SPEAK YOUR DAY & LIVE!!!~ You deserve Happiness when you GIVE iT.... Love, even if you don't think they deserve it, because you can. Drink more Tea!~ Enjoy & Drink to your health!~ :o) 

Love Notes...
Certification: Organic
Aroma: Chocolate, nutty
Infusion Aroma: Chocolate, berries
Infusion Color: Brownish Red
Base flavor: Nutty, chocolate
Infusion Strength: Medium

Tea Information:
Origin: S. Africa
Serving: 2g/cup
Water Temp: 100 degrees Celsius
Steeping Time: 5 mins
Caffeine: Caffeine-Free


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