#5 Spoken WORD.

Chakra Teas Co.


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100% Organic, BioDynamic Ingredients: Love, Black Currents, Butterfly Pea flowers, Cornflowers, Lavender, Cardamom, Mint Leaves, Elderberries & Natural Essences.


Cornflowers are blue and the Honey flavor is right, just enough to bring passion to a poetically breezy night. Alright, that may be kind of corny, but we can assure you that this magnificently banging tea is for the fifth Chakra. When activated, one can easily SPEAK their TRUTH, COMMUNICATE & COMMAND things into existence. Remember, before there was anything, first there was the word- so “BE” and so it is... CAFFEINE-FREE.  

It's like Candy. Yes, that is what we have been told. It reminds you of a time in the distant past, maybe as a spunky child or an outspoken teenager, when you didn't have a care in the world as to what people thought about how you dressed, what you chose to wear, because you were being your self. And then it happened. You grew up and lost touch with that person. You chose to make decisions, many of them good to tone it down or to put away all "childish" things, but, when did you decide that it was okay to silence your own voice? When was it okay to stop speaking your truth? Now is the TIME! Speak to it. Hurl TRUTH at FALSEHOOD & MASH OUT the LIES!! Live YOUR TRUTH. BE YOUR SELF. Be HAPPY. Drink this... Then make that phone call. You will thank us for it!~ :o)

Love Notes...
Certification: Organic
Aroma: Black Currant
Infusion Aroma: Lavender, Mint
Infusion Color: Deep Blue-Green
Base flavor: Berries, honey
Infusion Strength: Medium

Tea Information:
Certification: Organic
Aroma: Lavender, Mint
Infusion Aroma: Black Currant
Infusion Color: Deep Blue-Green
Base flavor: Berries, honey
Infusion Strength: Medium
Serving: 2g/cup
Water Temp: 100 degrees Celsius
Steeping Time: 5 mins
Caffeine: Caffeine-Free

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