#4 A Love SUPREME.

#4 A Love SUPREME.

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100% Natural BioDynamic Ingredients: Love, Green Tea (Camelia Sinensis), Rosehips, Red Rose Buds, Spearmint leaves, Cardamom, Orange Pieces, Fennel Seed,  & Natural Essences.


The only word that can describe what occurs when Green tea is coupled with some rose buds, rose hips & orange pieces is undoubtedly “LOVE”. This smoky, citrus is cultivated to activate the fourth Chakra, leaving one feeling BENEFiCENCE, MERCY & well, yes, LOVED and that says everything. When love is at the center of life, so is the presence of the Great “I AM” & the ability to do all things. LIGHT CAFFEINE.

A distinctly full flavorful blended green tea with light floral alluring notes of rose elegantly coupled with a kiss of spearmint & citrus undertones. A green tea of distinction full of enough antioxidants to bring you a healthful, refreshing day!~ Best enjoyed warm with or without a natural sweetener of your choice. Enjoy & Drink to your health!~ :o)

Love Notes...

Quality: Leaf
Aroma: Green, Mint & Rose
Aroma: Smoky, sweet
Color: Greenish Yellow
Base flavor: Orange, floral, smoky finish
Infusion Strength: Medium

Tea Information:

Origin: China
Serving: 2g/cup
Water Temp: 78 degrees Celsius
Steeping Time: 2 mins
Caffeine: Medium Light


Other Tea Notes:

Traditional & Scientific Healing Properties

Anti-Inflammatory, Antioxidants, Improved Brain Function,

Fat Burning & Fat Loss, Cancer-fighting, Stimulant, Anti-Anxiety,

Lower Alzheimer's & Parkinson's Risk, Reduce Aging, Improves

Dental Health, Lowers Risk of Infection, Reduce Bad Breath,

Lower Risk of Diabetes, Reduce Risk of Cardiovascular Disease,

May increase life span, Rich in Vitamin C, Improves Digestion,

Alleviates Gas & Gastric Disturbances, Relieves Constipation.

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