#4 A Love SUPREME.
#4 A Love SUPREME.
#4 A Love SUPREME.
#4 A Love SUPREME.

#4 A Love SUPREME.

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100% Natural BioDynamic Ingredients: Love, Green Tea (Camelia Sinensis), Rosehips, Red Rose Buds, Spearmint leaves, Cardamom, Orange Pieces, Fennel Seed,  & Natural Essences.


The only word that can describe what occurs when Green tea is coupled with some rose buds, rose hips & orange pieces is undoubtedly “LOVE”. This smoky, citrus is cultivated to activate the fourth Chakra, leaving one feeling BENEFiCENCE, MERCY & well, yes, LOVED and that says everything. When love is at the center of life, so is the presence of the Great “I AM” & the ability to do all things. LIGHT CAFFEINE.

A distinctly full flavorful blended green tea with light floral alluring notes of rose elegantly coupled with a kiss of spearmint & citrus undertones. A green tea of distinction full of enough antioxidants to bring you a healthful, refreshing day!~ Best enjoyed warm with or without a natural sweetener of your choice. Enjoy & Drink to your health!~ :o)

Love Notes...

Quality: Leaf
Aroma: Green, Mint & Rose
Aroma: Smoky, sweet
Color: Greenish Yellow
Base flavor: Orange, floral, smoky finish
Infusion Strength: Medium

Tea Information:

Origin: China
Serving: 2g/cup
Water Temp: 78 degrees Celsius
Steeping Time: 2 mins
Caffeine: Medium Light


Other Tea Notes:

Tea Sac: 15 Tea Bags
Tea Tube: Loose Leaf Tea

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#4 A Love SUPREME.
#4 A Love SUPREME.