Our Dearest Friend!~

At Chakra Teas Co. we Thank You for your warm wishes and continual support of us during this past year. Know that It is because of you that we continue to make our teas with love.

We pray that you and those you love will have a Safe & Special Holiday. May you find Love, Peace & Happiness in the midst of it all. Season's Greetings! :)
From our family to yours,
With Love,

Chakra Teas Co.

Chakra Teas Co.
Holiday eGift Cards Are Here!


Dear Friend,

We pray this finds you and those you love, in the best of health & spirits!~

During these next few months of what is known as the Winter Season, this is another thoughtful way for you to share & show how much you think about those who are dear to you. You can purchase these eGift cards online and have them delivered instantly or right on time as you wish!~

Thank you for your support & for sharing Chakra Teas Co.™ with your family & friends. We pray that next year we can continue to grow and do more to be of service in helping to change the world- one cup at a time- being an inspiration to others who wish to fulfill their own dreams!~

Remember to spend this season in service to others~ never forgetting those who don't have the comfort and love of family, the warmth of friendship and a roof to protect them from the harsh elements. Laugh often. Take time to SMiLE at strangers, lend a helping hand, feed someone, perform random acts of kindness or just be a gentle encouragement to all you meet. Learn to do things, not to be seen of men, but to be truly known by The Creator...

Don't enter this New Year without forgiving others for their faults, using patience and being grateful for life and all it has to give. Say "Thank you" often and "I Love You" even more, until you mean it and feel it, then Live & Let Live & Be HAPPY!~

Season's Greetings & Have a Tremendous, Prosperous New Year!~
We wish you the best of all that life has for you!
From Our Family to Yours,

With Love~

co-owners/cousins/tea lovers



Please, please, please~ add your Country!!~


Dear Family,

We have been receiving requests from potential customers from as far away as Australia, however, they have not been able to purchase a thing from our site, until now.

In the beginning we wanted to test the market and see how we would fare with Domestic Orders, but, alas, that has gotten to be rather boring. We started to think about how much we would love to begin to travel internationally and experience the World of Opportunities found abroad!~

Yes, we are proud to say that WE ARE FiNALLY GROWiNG UP!
So, Now is our chance to do this through you!

Here's how it WORKS:
If you live outside of the borders of the United States of America, please send us your Country, City & Zip Code/Postal Code, so we can set up a new shipping rule for you and make it easier for us to send you our Teas...Pretty Please. :)

WE WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU! And in the meantime, drop us a line and let us know how you found out about us, as we are curious...

Thank you for waiting on us to grow up and travel abroad. Looking forward to speaking with you soon.

Peace & Blessings~!~

co-owners/cousins/tea lovers



Introducing MiNi TEAS...

We MiNi. We GOOD.

Some people tend to think that the BiGGER something is, may be the BETTER, and in some cases, as in our SUPREME TEAS- that is TRUE for those who want MORE TEA, however, we decided to prove to you that GOOD THiNGS still come in SMALL PACKAGES!~
So, (drum roll)... Introducing our new MiNi TEAS. Gold, Power-packed tins of the SAME THiNG you get in a SUPREME SiZE TiN, but in a smaller size. Yes, we heard your cries and pleas to give you the option to order a VARiETY of CHAKRA TEAS, and most of them are $4.95. So YOU CAN ORDER YOURS TODAY!!~ :)
Drink More tea... Be Happy.
With Love,
co-owners/tea lovers/cousins