Since 2013 we have been serving you delicious tea blends for Happy People~!

Welcome to the Chakra Teas Co.™

Dear Friend

Peace! Namaste!~
We pray that our Original 7 Chakra Teas will serve as a way to encourage you to bring a new sense of focus and joy to each day of your life. It is our desire that you will enjoy them as much as we do, making them a part of the important things in your wellness plan.

The more that you enjoy our tea, and feel the love that we send with it, is the more that we invite you to share your teas with your close friends and families as a means to open the doors to a healthier,  unified community of people, bringing an environment of Peace, Love & Understanding in the World, as is so necessary today.

It is our goal to use our tea blends as a means of encouraging togetherness and healing among families, neighbours and communities. With that, we pray that you will find happiness and love in every drop, wholeheartedly sharing the same of yourself, your service and your time to those that need it so desperately, when it matters, with humility.

We are blessed to know you and honoured that you have chosen to visit our company and buy our tea for you and those you love. From our family to yours, we wish you prosperity, love & happiness~! 

~Love Unconditionally, Be Kind & Good to Self & Others~

 With Love~