"Great job Tisa and Keenia! Love ya'll..."
~Dr. Enaame Farrell, Family Physician (Oct 11, 2014)


Since May 19 2013, we have been providing our customers with premium tea blends! Our personal love of tea, sparked the inspiration of what is now known as the Chakra Teas Co™.  We are the Official home of 100% Organic, BioDynamic Teas, Blends & Happy People!

Every day, although the price of tea fluctuates due to growing seasons, we seek to find better ways provide you with more affordable prices with a consistent product of premium, delicious teas at an affordable cost to you.

We hope that you too will enjoy our products & share them with family & friends, host Tea Parties or simply just "drink more tea," beginning your day the healthy way!

Currently, we operate as a partnership in New York & Toronto, equally owned by first cousins & tea lovers, Tisa & Keenia Farrell.



Sometimes, a family business may not be the best thing for first cousins to launch.  There are countless stories of businesses that seem to fail, due, at times, to unhealthy competition, poor ethics and the inability for family members to work together, find a common ground and be humble enough to listen and collectively map the road to success for the common good of both.

Thus, with that being said, beyond a "stroke of luck" and by seemingly Divine Intervention of the Creator, we are happy to say that we are happily inspired daily to be able to work together as first cousins in this venture of tea!

As granddaughters of Philippa Farrell--our illustrious, strong and beautiful grandmother-- we remember her kind words of encouragement, given to us as children, that cultivated us to do good, serve others and commit to excellence. It is foremost in the name of the Creator, in her name and that of our grandfather, Medford Farrell, as well as the names of our parents, that we are determined to provide good customer service & an exemplary product. We share that love from our family to yours.


As we strive to grow our company, we know that honest feedback will assist us in providing you with better service, so let us know how we're doing! Thank you for your kind words & continual support. We look forward to continuing to serve you the best in tea! 


It’s very simple. This tea is supreme. 100% Organic, BioDynamic & a masala of flavor designed to entice the palate...oh yeah, it’s that real.  It began as an idea in June of 2011 and that thought traveled at 24 Billion Miles a second & grew up into a reality in May of 2013. We don’t intend to compare nor compete in the family of teas. Our tea is a good thing.  It is beyond tasting “great”; it can make you feel that way too. So- have a cup & feel the difference. Now, that one was on us. The next one is on you and yours. :o) We have 7 teas for 7 chakras. Be Yourself. Be Happy. Get YOURS. :o)



This has become the most popular question for us. "Chakra" is a Sanskrit word for "Wheel". The Chakras are energy "wheels" located inside and outside of the body. It is believed that the more in tune we become with our internal energy aka our "Chi" that we can develop Chakras that can extend to a Galactic level. However, it is important that we first connect to the basic Chakras, 7 original energy wheels that are responsible for laying the foundation to a tremendously beautiful life, once explored & mastered. 

Although we cannot "see" the Chakras with the naked eye, we can "feel" the Chakras when they are out of balance through our own emotional expressions. When we feel a sense of "imbalance" in any area of our lives, it means that our Chakras need to be recharged & brought back to balance. Some times this process can be assisted with the help of harmonic musical sounds, colour, intentions, breath work, Yoga, Qi Gong, Tai Chi, Sincere Prayer & Meditation.

Through affirmations, colours & sound vibrations, we have cultivated our teas to be programmed with each of the Original 7 Chakras, to support you in working on opening each Chakra daily through your own personal intentions. Or, you can just simply enjoy them- hot or cold, sweetened or unsweetened- as one of your favourite cups of tea as you relax & enjoy life or get involved in the daily hustle & bustle of life.

We invite you to share our teas with your family & friends; host fabulous Tea Parties & inspire your community to heal the Planet with Love!~ Feel free to share your experience with us in your journey to elevation!~